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Wearing a Pencil Skirt 3 Ways
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I follow a few fashion blogs and Putting Me Together ( is one of my favorites.  Most of her outfit combos are outfits I could see myself wearing and most are from affordable stores.  When Audrey posted this posting,, I knew I had most of the pieces already in my wardrobe and all of them were THRIFTED!!!  So for a fraction of what she spent on her outfits, I was able to recreate them!!  I’ve also added a few other options of ways that I like to wear my pencil skirt!!
I have started pinning pictures onto Pinterest My Style Board from some of the blogs I follow and will be trying to recreate them with items I have found at Salvation Army Family Thrift.  If you have outfits you have pinned or found at a retail store, post them on the Salvation Army Thrift Facebook page or copy and paste the link to your comment at the end of this entry.  Then I will do my best to see how to I can recreate it with thrifted items.
My base piece is this pencil skirt.
unnamed 4
I had been looking for a pencil skirt for awhile and so when I found this one, it was love at first site!!  I love vintage and this skirt is awesome vintage find from Saks 5th Avenue.  It is the perfect length and can be worn year round and now I know I can wear it for just about any occasion by switching up my accessories, shoes, and tops!!
American Eagle Graphic Tee $.99 (1/2 price tag)
Pencil Skirt $2.49 (1/2 price tag)
Born Sandals $3.49
Purse – garage sale find
unnamed 6
Boden Striped Blouse
Pencil Skirt $2.49
Born Sandals $3.49
Yellow Belt and Necklace from CATO
GAP Chambray $1.99
Pencil Skirt $2.49 (1/2 price tag)
Born Sandals $3.49
unnamed 1
J Crew Blouse $.99 (1/2 price tag)
Pencil Skirt $2.49 (1/2 price tag)
NWT Aerosole Heels $2.98
Messenger Bag – online purchase
Gray Cable Sweater $3.99
Pencil Skirt $2.49 (1/2 price tag)
NWT Aerosole Heels $2.98


Going Out
BCBG Sequin Tank $3.49 (25% off back-to-school sale)
Pencil Skirt $2.49 (1/2 price tag)
Silver Heels – from CATO (I’ve had these forever!)
Some of these options were a little outside the box for me, but I had so much fun putting them together and showing you how inexpensively it can be done with items from your local Salvation Army Family Thrift Store.
Be Thrifty!!
About Me: I’m Nikki!!  I’ve been married to Tommy for 16 years.  I’m a stay-at-home-mom of four, who loves a good bargain.  I love thrifting for ANYTHING!  From an early age, thrifting was a way of life for me.  My family is fashionably clothed and my home comfortably furnished, with second hand finds.  I am alway scouting out Craigslist, thrift stores, garage sales, and dumpsters for goodies!!  I find more joy out of finding an awesome used item, than when I find a retail sale.  I’m not afraid to revamp an outdated outfit, think outside the box, or tackle a renovation project with my treasures.

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