Baby Bump!

This year has been an interesting one so far…because I’m pregnant!
A thriftier at heart, I’ve enjoyed finding maternity clothes, or clothes that could work as maternity clothes, at a great deal at my local Salvation Army Family Store. It just doesn’t make sense to me to buy a bunch of new stuff for full price that I’ll soon outgrow, and then hopefully, go back to wearing my normal clothes after the baby gets here. In fact, I made a goal to not buy any full price maternity clothes. Not sure I’ll be able to make it the whole nine months, but we’ll see!

So, now that I’m dressing for the bump, I’ve been wearing a lot of tunics and dresses over leggings and boots. It’s comfortable, which is important! And it hides the bulges that may or may not be there. Ha!

I found this denim, ruffled tunic late last year and I’ve worn it A LOT so far. In fact, I’m almost too big for it now so I’m on the lookout for a similar one in a larger size.
Salvation Army Bump Outfit Denim

Depending on the day, or my mood, sometimes I want to hide how huge I’m feeling with a larger, longer dress. From the front, you can’t even really tell that much.

Salvation Army Bump Outfit Flowers

And other times, I might go with something with an empire waist and a belt to really accentuate my growing belly. I don’t feel this big most days, but wowza, I’m looking super really pregnant in this picture!

Salvation Army Bump Outfit Purple

This gray and white lace top lands somewhere in the middle of those options. I’ve worn this outfit a lot, too.) I like the back is longer so it covers my rear.

Salvation Army Bump Outfit Gray

Of course, this has been my first and second trimester wardrobe while it’s been chilly outside. Now that it’s warming up (hopefully to stay for the summer!) and my belly is getting bigger, I’m looking for skirts and dresses to handle the heat!

Still, leggings and boots are a great way to mix comfort and style and they work for spring if you keep the rest of the outfit bright and fun. Plus, using this method, I could invest in one pair of high quality maternity leggings that fit me well and then mix up all my outfits by picking up a wide variety of tops at the thrift store. Perfect!

What are some of your favorite maternity looks? Since this is our first baby, I’ve never done this before and need some help!

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