March finds

Here’s what I got at my Salvation Army Family Store this month for around $25. I was thrilled to find a few more household and accessories this month.
Gap Cardigan
$2.99 (25% of Women’s Clothing)
scarf card
I am a girl who loves and lives in cardigans year round.  I have a dark gray one, but this lighter boyfriend style version will be perfect for spring and summer.
Trifle Bowl
$4.49 (1/2 price tag)
Glass bowl
This bowl is a beauty.  I think it has to be antique because of the weight of the glass.  I have a bowl like this, but it’s got a few chips in it and this will be an awesome replacement!!  Can’t wait to use it!
$1.99 (1/2 price tag)
My oldest son has started wearing hats, so when I spotted this fedora, I knew he would love it.  We recently purchased one at retail for $17, so this slightly used came in at 90% off retail!!
$1.49 (25% off coupon)
This dress is adorable!  I can’t wait for my daughter to wear it this summer.  I could also add bright leggings underneath if it gets too short.  This dress makes we want to go somewhere that has sand.
NWT Sleeper
$.75 (25% off coupon)
I’ve been finding lots of sleepers and NWT items lately.  This sleeper retails for around $8 at Walmart and paid less than a $1 for it.  This is a great item to add to a baby shower gift.
Liz Claiborne Blouse
I like to have lots of blouse options to wear with a black skirt or slacks.  I like this option because of the pattern, fabric, and cut.  I can easily layer this with a cardigan or blazer through out the year.
Gingham Blouse
$2.24 (25% off coupon)
checker blouse
As soon as I picked up this blouse, I wanted it to fit!!  I love gingham and the cut of this blouse is so flattering.  Woolrich is American company that is know for their wool items like blankets, scarves, and coats.  Who knew they made gorgeous cotton tops???  A blouse similar to this on their website retails for around $50!!  I saved about 95% buying it at my local Salvation Army.  The details on the sleeves are fun and I can see myself pairing this with a basic white skirt, capris, or shorts this summer.  I may even add my red Keen wedges I found last summer for a red, white, and blue look!
Owl Figurine
$1.49 (25% off coupon)
brass owl
I picked up another owl item this month.  I couldn’t resist this little guy!!  I think I’m going to spray paint this guy and use it in my office or gift it to a friend.  I will try to post later on how I transformed him!!
NWT Free People Top
free people
The pattern of this top caught my eye, so I pulled it off the rack.  Boho is a fun trend and I think this top fits the bill.  This top was sold at Norstrom for a whooping $88!!  Not sure how or why it ended up in my local SAFT.  This is a bit of a different look for me, but I’m excited to try it out and add it to my summer wardrobe.
NWT Neiman Marcus Robert Rodriguez Blouse
$2.99 (25% off coupon)
This is the third item this month I have found brand new!!  This blouse sold at Target last year for $79.99.  I saved over 95%!!  The color and material combination is so fun and I can easily be worn with a black sweater, blazer, skirt and/or slacks.  The neckline has three small buttons with a keyhole cut out.  I love that detail!!


Be Thrifty!!
About Me: I’m Nikki!!  I’ve been married to Tommy for 17 years.  I’m a stay-at-home-mom of four, who loves a good bargain.  I love thrifting for ANYTHING!  From an early age, thrifting was a way of life for me.  My family is fashionably clothed and my home comfortably furnished, with second hand finds.  I am alway scouting out Craigslist, thrift stores, garage sales, and dumpsters for goodies!!  I find more joy out of finding an awesome used item, than when I find a retail sale.  I’m not afraid to revamp an outdated outfit, think outside the box, or tackle a renovation project with my treasures.

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