A Few Funky Finds

This March was full of Fun! I co-Hosted the First ever Online Fashion show at the Lawrence Family Store. It was a lot of FUN for me and all the Fashionistas who participated!! Thank you for all who came out and had the nerve to pose for the camera! I hope to see even more of you at our next event at the Overland Park store this month on Saturday the 25th. In between all the excitement and preparation for the event, I did manage to find some shopping time. I was quite lucking to find some funky little items this month. I love funky unique art, but not too crazy. When I saw these brass mosaic hanging plates in the kitchen section of SAFTS, they caught my eye. I knew they were definitely something very unique and a conversation starter for sure. I immediately texted a photo to my mom and she said “Yes!, get those, if you don’t want them, I do!” I purchased them for $8.99 each. They might be a future Christmas present for my mom.. shhhh! There are no markings on the back and I haven’t had much time to research. But my curiosity is getting to me about them….. There has to be a untold story… what a mystery!!!

april01 april02 april03

Lately, I have been lucky to find a few vintage items. I have talked before about how I have a mental “list” of things I am always looking for. Those items might be on my list for a day, a week a month or a year. One of those has been a mail box. Not necessarily a vintage mailbox but just one I could put on my porch. In our neighborhood, our mailboxes are not at our house. I wanted, or needed a box of some kind when we needed random notes or things left or dropped off. Last week I found this vintage mail box. It looks like it was originally gold, and was painted pink and now black. I haven’t decided what or if I will paint it. For $2.99. It works for the purpose I need it for and it’s going on my porch this weekend!! And its vintage, which I love!.

april04 april05

I also got this vintage table mirror for $5.99. These resale for $18-25 at the West bottom’s booths, but I am sure to find one at SAFTS for a much better deal. I have one for my dresser and my girls are starting to get into the vintage feel as well and have ask for one. I put it on my “mental list” and was lucky to find one last week when I was doing the fashion show in Lawrence! After I get it cleaned up it will go in one of their rooms!


BOOKENDS….. ME AND MY HUBBY… YES… WE ARE LIKE the bookends to this family…. Neither one of us can fall down, we have to keep each other and everyone up. So, when I saw these, it just made me giggle. At first, I only noticed the “G” which isn’t a very common initial. I must say… so I was excited. I immediately grabbled it… then realized it was a bookend. I started looking for the other… there it was a “L” I was in “awwww” Me and my hubby. Lonnie and Gretchen. How sweet! I had to get them. Only $1.99 each, a little roughed up, but I have big paint plans for them and they are going in our bedroom. Love them.

april08 april09 april10 april11

I picked up these beautiful bamboo Salt and Pepper grinder set for $2.99. These go great with my existing bamboo salad bowls and serving plates. I did some research and these retail for $40.00. They look like they have not even had the salt and pepper in them. Another kitchen item that I have needed is a splatter screen… and just this week I got this All Clad one for only $3.99, this is sold at William Sonoma for around $50!! I must say, I really saved just on these two items. Total retail for the two $90, my cost $7. WOW! Now, for my MOST exciting FIND! This pressure cooker! I have wanted one of these for the longest time, kind of like my cast iron chicken fryer. I have so many memories of my Grandmother making her famous most tender pot roast from her pressure cooker. Not to mention all the canning she used it for. We plan on getting back into ‘as much as our yard will allow’ gardening this spring and summer… not to say we will have enough to can, but you never know what this pressure cooker will lead to. I am sure it is capable of so much more and that is what I need to figure out. It had all the original paperwork with it and the original tag at $69.99, but I paid only $9.99!! An amazing savings.


IMG_0151 IMG_0152 IMG_0153



About me: Hi, I’m Gretchen! I’ve been married for 18 years to my high school sweetie. We have four kids, 2 girls and 2 boys. I was raised by a thrifty mom. She taught me to be very resourceful with all things, but especially when making a home. It is an adrenaline rush for me when find a name brand item and I LOVE to share it with my friends. I know my family and I can be very fashionable and I take great pride in knowing I can do it thrifting. My goal is to carry this legacy through my children, as my Mom did me. Thrift on!

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  1. Gretchen,
    I enjoyed speaking with you today and loved your display of recycled treasures at the Overland Park Salvation Army….What a great idea to show people how to create! I have been addicted for years hunting for bargains and unique items to re-purpose! As you suggested I will post my before and after pics!
    ~The Lady with the Chairs! 🙂

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