April finds

Here’s what I got at my Salvation Army Family Store this month for around $25.
Vintage Rhinestone Earrings
$1.99 (1/2 price tag)
Any time I see clip on earrings, I think of both my grandmothers.  Both were quite the collectors.  I couldn’t pass these up, they are simply timeless!!  I will probably take them to my jeweler and have them make them into post earrings for me.
$1.49 (1/2 price tag)
Sweet heart
This dress is ADORABLE!! The Peter Pan collar and the tulle underskirt are sublime!!  I am picturing my daughter wearing this for Christmas or a special occasion.  It is missing the belt, so we will add a fun ribbon, sparkly tights, and cardigan!!
This was my big purchase for the month.  This mirror is heavy and soooo cool!!  Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet.  I will probably involve paint!!
Various Glassware
$.49 to $.99 each  (1/2 price tag)
For our event at the Overland Park Salvation Army Family Thrift Store, I wanted to showcase some items you could easily revamp.  I quickly transformed these basic vases in to some showstoppers.  Stay tuned for the revamp tutorial!!
Bop It
Bop it
While I was scouring the glassware aisle, my son hurried over to the toy aisle and quickly found this little treasure.  He had played with one at his friend’s house recently, and convinced me to buy it for him.  How could I resist???
Tommy Hilfiger Blouse
I’m girl who loves her plaid, so this was an easy pick for me!!  I love the ruffle down the front and the 3/4 length sleeves.  I’ve already worn it a couple of times.  I think this will be a spring and summer staple with my casual skirts, capris, and jeans.
Twin Flat Sheet
$2.49 (1/2 price tag)
This sheet matches our boys’ sheet sets!!  I am thrilled when I can find something that matches or coordinates with what we already have.  My boys don’t use flat sheets, but my mom will easily turn this into a fitted sheet with some elastic and few stitches on her sewing machine!!
Be Thrifty!!
About Me: I’m Nikki!!  I’ve been married to Tommy for 17 years.  I’m a stay-at-home-mom of four, who loves a good bargain.  I love thrifting for ANYTHING!  From an early age, thrifting was a way of life for me.  My family is fashionably clothed and my home comfortably furnished, with second hand finds.  I am alway scouting out Craigslist, thrift stores, garage sales, and dumpsters for goodies!!  I find more joy out of finding an awesome used item, than when I find a retail sale.  I’m not afraid to revamp an outdated outfit, think outside the box, or tackle a renovation project with my treasures.

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