Thrifted DIY – Add a Little Paint

I am amazed at what a coat or two of paint can do to anything you apply it to.  I have changed rooms, large pieces of furniture, gifts, and home decor with just a little time and paint.
I purchased several pieces of glass at my local Salvation Army Family Thrift Store.  They ranged in price from .49 to .99.  I specifically looked for the 1/2 price tags and I found tons of options to choose from.  I picked various heights, shapes, and sizes.
I took them home, removed price tags and washed them with a little dish soap.  Then I let them dry and once they were dry I sprayed them down with Windex and wiped them down with a paper towel.  Once they were dry again, I pulled out my paint and brushes and got to work!!
I chose some chalk paint I already had on hand.  I had previously used chalk paint on another glass project and I like the way they turned out.  Chalk paint has a grittier texture and is much thicker than regular acrylic paint.  There is a bit of a learning curve with using it, so be patient and start with a small piece.  Many crafters have been using chalk paint on everything from frames, glass, and furniture – it’s all over Pinterest!!
I painted the outside of each piece with two coats of paint, letting them thoroughly dry in between coats.  I painted the bottoms and top edges of each piece as well.
Once dry, I pulled out my husband’s sander and just went to town!  I moved the sander over ridges, edges, and curves.  Sanding just makes them look rustic and soooo chic!!  I then took a dry paint brush and brushed off all the dust.
Then I took a can of clear acrylic spray paint and sealed them.  I may not have needed to, but since I was traveling with them, I thought it might be a good idea.



Next, came the embellishments.  I always have ribbon on hand, I just picked a couple of neutral spools and wrapped each vase.  Burlap and twine are everywhere right now as well.  I used my trusty hot glue gun to hold the ribbon in place.  Then I took some of my grandmother’s costume jewelry and attached them to the ribbons.  Some were brooches, so I just pinned them to the ribbon, others were mismatched clip on earrings, so I removed the clip and attached them with hot glue.  You can find costume jewelry at your local Salvation Army as well.
I absolutely loved how they turned out!!  Fill them gorgeous bouquets of flowers.  I could see these being used for a bridal or baby shower, a wedding, or an elegant dinner party.
With a little time, paint, and creativity, you can completely change the look of a very inexpensive piece of glass to something that everyone will be complimenting you on!!
Be Crafty and Thrifty!!
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About Me: I’m Nikki!!  I’ve been married to Tommy for 17 years.  I’m a stay-at-home-mom of four, who loves a good bargain.  I love thrifting for ANYTHING!  From an early age, thrifting was a way of life for me.  My family is fashionably clothed and my home comfortably furnished, with second hand finds.  I am alway scouting out Craigslist, thrift stores, garage sales, and dumpsters for goodies!!  I find more joy out of finding an awesome used item, than when I find a retail sale.  I’m not afraid to revamp an outdated outfit, think outside the box, or tackle a renovation project with my treasures.
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